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Scholarships & Bursaries

At Ƶ, we recognize that funding your education is essential to your academic journey. With over $1 million in scholarships and bursaries available for full-time new and returning Ƶ students, now is the perfect time to check if you qualify—you probably do!

Scholarships can be based on a variety of criteria, such as academic achievement, school or community involvement, and athletics. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need.

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Award Opportunities


There are various types of scholarships available that are either automatically assessed or need to be applied for:

Automatic scholarships

  • Do not require a scholarship application and are instead automatically assessed based on academic program applications.
  • Numerous automatic scholarships are available, depending on the program you’re applying to and/or high school marks.
  • To be eligible for automatic scholarships, you must apply to an Ƶ program by March 15 for consideration and assessment for the following academic year start date.

Application-based scholarships

  • Require a separate scholarship application form to be filled out and submitted.
  • These awards may also include further submissions based on the criteria of the award.
  • The deadline for these awards is July 15.

Application-based bursaries

  • Require a separate application form to be filled out and submitted.
  • These awards are assessed based on financial need.
Entrance Awards

Entrance awards are for students entering into a program (year one). If you will begin your studies in September, you can start applying for entrance awards between January and December of the year in which you will enter.

Bridging Awards

Bridging awards are for students who are entering an additional year of study. After January 1 of your first year of studies, you can begin applying for these awards; they will be applied to the following year of your studies.

Let's get started on applying.

View all award requirements and deadlines in the Awards Search Tool.

Ensure you include all required documents with your application, following the specific instructions for each award. Properly completing your application is very important.

Are you an international student?

There are awards and bursaries designated for international students.

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Looking for more information?

Everyone should consider applying for financial aid—chances are you’re eligible for some support. Let us help you navigate the many funding options available for your post-secondary education, including scholarships, bursaries, government student aid and other funding opportunities.

Join us for a 45-minute online info session to learn more about Financial Aid and awards.


How do I apply for a Scholarship or Bursary?

Individuals should use the to search for scholarships and bursaries they may be eligible for. You will need to create an account and complete your profile in Ƶ’s scholarship and bursary application software before you can apply. When your account and profile is complete, you go through list of awards click Apply On-Line in bottom left corner of each award you meet the criteria for and wish to apply for.

When should I apply?

The Scholarship deadline is July 15th each year and bursary deadline is October 15th each year. Applications should be submitted a month or less prior to the deadline. By waiting until a month before the deadline, individuals are submitting the most current and up to date information on their application form.

If I don’t have any registration information on MyACC, how do I complete my profile on Fuel to Learn account?

When first completing the Fuel to Learn profile, you can use estimated expenses and resources. Please go back into your profile prior to the October 15th deadline to update your financial numbers with accurate amounts.

Why do some awards not have an “Apply On-Line” button?

These awards are for information only. Students do not apply for theses awards. These awards are selected by the Awards Office based on academics or by the Cougar Athletics Department.

When will I hear if I got selected to receive an award or bursary?

Recipients are notified via their college email address. Recipients will be notified by August 15th for scholarship applications (July 15th application deadline) and by November 20th for bursary applications (October 15th application deadline)

When will I get the money for the award or bursary I received?

Award funds are applied directly towards the students account for the upcoming term. If tuition is paid in full, students can request a refund of the award.

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Russ Edwards and WGI Westman Group Inc. invest additional $300K for student awards in the Edwards School

Attendees at the launch event for Ƶ’s Russ Edwards School of Agriculture and Environment on Tuesday heard from Russ Edwards and Westman Group Inc (WGI) that companies under the WGI umbrella are investing an additional $300,000 in student financial awards.

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