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Information for Parents & Guardians

My child is interested in a program - where do we start?

Visit for a full range of program exploration options, including and , or contact recruit@assiniboine.net to get started.

Can I get information about my child’s grades or attendance from someone at Ƶ College?

No, we can’t share any private information (including information about their school performance) without their written consent in accordance with Manitoba privacy laws and FIPPA.

What kind of financial aid is available to assist my child with their studies?

Ƶ offers thousands of dollars to students each year in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Some depend on academic performance (grades), but others depend on leadership, service to the community or financial need. Some require an application and students can . Others you will be assessed for automatically when you apply to a program at Ƶ.

Are there jobs available on campus?

The college offers where employers from many communities can share job postings for current students and alumni to consider. The college posts job opportunities at Ƶ on our .

Will my child have access to a health and dental plan?

Yes, the Students' Association manages that for all students. Visit for details. All full-time students will be automatically enrolled. Students have one month to opt out and receive a refund from the insurance plan. Part-time students have an option to opt into the plan.

My child has a disability. How can we be sure that the appropriate accommodations are made at Ƶ?

Please have your child make arrangements to see their Student Success Advisor early on. Please call or 204.725.8723 or 800.862.6307 ext 6639 to make an appointment. Further details about Accessibility and Disability at Ƶ can be found by emailing ads@assiniboine.net.

What about bus passes – are they available?

Students studying at Brandon campuses receive unlimited access to use Brandon Transit buses. They are covered under existing Students' Association fees and there is no additional cost for Brandon Transit passes.

Are lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students can visit the school office for more information.

My child is really good at sports. Who do we contact to see about try-outs for a team?

Please contact the Athletics Manager at cougars@assiniboine.net and see our Cougars athletics section for more information about Cougars Athletics.

My child is homeschooled. How do they apply to study at Ƶ?

Please refer to our Homeschooled Applicants page for more information.