A new Ƶ College brand identity

Full-colour Ƶ College logo with a red triangle in top left corner of the picture, and a purple triangle in the bottom right corner of the picture.

When we embarked on the next generation of our strategic plan, we wanted to ensure our image reflected our direction and ambition.

We are proud to share the new Ƶ College logo that will root the college’s visual identity and represent this direction.

At Ƶ, education is a pathway to knowledge, and success is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about skillfully navigating the pathways that lead us to our goals and building upon a foundation of knowledge throughout the journey.

This iconic new symbol signifies the pathways that provide direction and meaning, whether through higher education, career growth or personal development. It reflects the interconnectedness of teachers, students, programs, skills, knowledge, community and industry—all working together to guide and empower individuals toward success.

The logo features a geometric A, signifying Ƶ. Its shape is also inspired by the rich heritage of Manitoba’s First Nations and the Tipi, symbolizing the beginning of life and the nurturing environment of a home, and Ƶ’s commitment to the prosperity of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

Artistically, we have retained the purple and red hues that have become known to Ƶ and are inspired by Manitoba’s essence—the purple symbolizing the Prairie crocus while the red represents energy, strength and passion, with notes of inspiration from the Manitoba flag.

In our name, Ƶ College, we are realizing a change that has been years in the making. Our connection to community has never been because of our name and will remain strong as we move forward as Ƶ College. Community-based education, supporting community initiatives and events, and building a strong college community are foundational to who we are. Community may no longer be part of our name, but it runs deep in our DNA.