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Student Advising

Personal and Academic Advising

Embarking on their college journey, students encounter an array of exciting changes in their lives. These transformative experiences may present challenges, such as forging new friendships, adjusting to a vibrant living and learning environment, managing financial responsibilities, and navigating time management pressures.

Student Success Advisors actively support students in developing proactive plans to seamlessly transition into, and thrive within the college learning environment. Alongside offering crucial information about courses, programs, and the institution, they provide valuable referrals to address learning, personal, and financial barriers.

By recognizing hurdles early in the college year, and dealing with them immediately, students increase their chances for success. When academic or personal concerns arise, Student Success Advisors are ready to assist students in exploring effective strategies to get back on track.


Student success advisors are available in person, at the Victoria Avenue East campus, the North Hill campus, the Parkland campus in Dauphin, and at the Winnipeg campus as well as by phone or online at all locations.

Our goal is to help students achieve success at Ƶ by providing them with support, referrals, and information. To connect with the advisor for your program, click on the appropriate school below:

Our student success advisors will meet with you in-person, over the phone or using Zoom or MS Teams to help you learn about Ƶ programs and the careers they lead to. Student Success Advisors support students to identify their strengths and hurdles in meeting their academic goals. This includes exploring funding, housing, childcare and personal and academic goal setting.

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