Three students walk in front of the MICA building.

Accepted International Students

You’ve received a letter of acceptance. Welcome! We want to help you plan for a safe and organized arrival. The checklist below includes some pointers to be sure you are prepared.

  1. I have satisfied all the college admission requirements by the deadline date.
  2. I have an updated passport to cover the length of the college program.
  3. I have received my study permit and sent a copy to international@assiniboine.net.
  4. If I want to request credit for previous education, I am doing the necessary paperwork as early as possible.
  5. I have booked a flight or other transportation and plan to arrive in advance of my program starting, in time for New Student Orientation.
  6. I have found a place to live. I can pay or have paid the damage deposit and first month’s rent. You may find our helpful as you plan for where you will live.
  7. I can submit original transcripts (both my home country and Canadian) and English test documents.
  8. I have paid my required tuition and fees amount.
  9. I have my books/supplies or plan to purchase them as soon as I arrive.
  10. I have planned for my transportation to college classes each day.
  11. I have begun to familiarize myself with relevant college policies.

Orientation for International Students

Depending on your program of study and start date, you will receive information from Ƶ International via email about a new student orientation. This may include an in-person a week or so ahead of your classes, where you will:

  • meet other international students across different programs
  • familiarize yourself with campus staff and services available to you as a student
  • learn more about your bus pass (if you're a student in Brandon)
  • prepare for classes and have fun!

You may will also receive program-specific orientation as organized by your academic school.

Next Steps

After we receive your completed application, if you meet all requirements and there is a seat in the program, we will send a letter of acceptance and a Student Information form to attach to your study permit application.

Pre-arrival Information

We hope to make your stay in Canada as easy and enjoyable as possible, so we provide a pre-arrival guide for international students.

Financial Aid

As an first-year international student, you may be eligible for an entrance award to apply directly against your tuition. We also offer bursaries to support international students returning for their second year of study.

Health Insurance

You will receive an international medical plan for primary care and an extended health and dental plan when attending Ƶ. Learn more about the plan in our FAQs.

Housing & Transportation

Find the resources to help you get settled while attending Ƶ.

Work Opportunities

There are several opportunities for full-time international students to work in Canada.