Ƶ Advantage

Ƶ Advantage

Learn By Actually Doing.

At Ƶ, we immerse you in authentic situations and encourage you to spend more time away from the textbooks. Our college knows real-world skills and experiences are important. That’s why our programs connect you with industries and communities through projects, conferences, cooperative work placements and practicums. All of this prepares you for a meaningful and interesting career.

Learn by actually doing.

Learn by Doing—This isn’t just our motto; it’s our educational philosophy. We provide exceptional learning experiences and many times that means taking you outside of a traditional classroom. Whether you’re growing plants in our sustainable greenhouse or creating a meal in our teaching kitchen, we’ll make sure you get the hands-on experience you need so you’re fully prepared for your future. Our programs are designed to connect you with industries and communities for real-world experience and networking.

Be Part of a Community.

Yes, we have small class sizes. Yes, your instructor knows your name. Yes, you can get to your classes in under five minutes and still have time for a refuel of caffeine. But more importantly, you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime, learn from industry experts who can’t wait to share everything they know with you, and study in an intimate setting that gives you the right tools for future success.

Be part of a community.

Access to Education.

Ƶ has five permanent campuses, but did you know we also provide permanent and temporary programming in many communities across the province? For instance, in 2021-22, the college was in 32 different communities in Manitoba. This ranges from rural rotating sites, customized in community training and partnerships. This diversified mix of urban, rural and remote learning opportunities provides skilled graduates across the province, no matter where you might live.

Access to education.

Get Career Ready.

We know that at the end of your program, you want a career in your field of study and you want to earn a good income. You can be confident that your Ƶ education is going to open those doors for you. Our most recent grads say it all. Ninety-four percent of grads have jobs nine months after graduation and eighty-eight percent of grads are working in their field of study.

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