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Peters School of Business

Three media students standing in the modern-looking hallway of the Centre for Creative Media, holding camera equipment.

Ƶ has a long history of providing traditional business and office programs. Over the years, the institution has evolved to meet industry demands, continuously adding new programs and improving educational experiences. This commitment to growth and innovation has led to the establishment of the Peters School of Business, which will continue to train the next generation of entrepreneurs through advanced commerce education.

Operating out of Ƶ’s campuses in Brandon and Parkland, the Peters School also extends its reach into First Nations communities across Manitoba, offering a range of community-based programs and micro-credentials. The addition of new advanced diplomas in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing allows students to pursue post-graduate credentials, further enhancing their educational journey. Furthermore, through a partnership with Cape Breton University, the Peters School offers a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Community Economic Development, providing students with a pathway to higher education.

A student presenting Marketing stats on an interactive board in the new Westoba Lab to three other students.

In recent years, the Peters School has expanded its offerings to include Media and Communications, Digital Art and Design, Web and Interactive Development, and Network Administration Technology. The Centre for Creative Media, which opened in 2022 at the Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon, provides a state-of-the-art facility for these new programs.

Another Peters School learning space found at the Victoria Avenue East campus is the Westoba Innovation Lab. Departing from the conventional lecture-based model, this high-tech team-based learning environment aims to deepen students' learning and strengthen collaboration, all while supporting innovative teaching practices. Equipped with smartboards and accommodating up to 25 students, this interactive classroom reflects the latest trends in business and program curriculum.

The Peters School's commitment to excellence is reflected in its accreditations, agreements, and affiliations with various industry associations. The Business Administration Diploma, for example, is accredited by the , making it one of only 11 accredited business schools in Canada. Additionally, the Peters School has partnerships with , , , , and , further enhancing the value of its programs.

Gord and Diane Peters with two students in front of a laptop.

The Beginnings

Diane Peters sitting on a black chair with Gord Peters next to her

The Peters’ are life-long residents of Westman. Gord’s most notable success came from co-founding Cando Rail & Terminals, a small rail line dismantling and salvage company, in 1978. He has been a leader in the Manitoba business community for more than 45 years, serving on many Chamber of Commerce boards, both locally and nationally, and being recognized with a number of awards for his success in business.

Diane is an alumnae of the college’s Practical Nursing program and Gord was the first recipient of an Honorary Diploma from Ƶ in 2009.

I co-founded Cando Rail & Terminals right here in Brandon, and believe with the right tools, education and support, the next industry business leaders will come from right here at the Peters School.

The Peters believe in giving back, whether it be to employees, the community, or education facilities. They are lifelong entrepreneurs and community builders and have been instrumental in many college initiatives, from the development of the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts to the Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, and now the School of Business.

Gord and Diane continue to share their business knowledge by mentoring young entrepreneurs. Alumnus and friend Charlie Baessler and his wife Jesce at Corcelettes Winery in BC along with Hailey and Cale Jefferies of Prairie Fava, a growing business out of Glenboro, are entrepreneurs who are benefiting from their mentorship and support.

Peters School of Business Scholarships

Advanced Diploma Scholarship: This scholarship is exclusively for students pursuing advanced diplomas.

Bridging Scholarship: Designed for students bridging from the first year to the second year of their diploma program, this scholarship is not applicable to new or entrance students.

Renewable Diploma Scholarship: This scholarship is automatically awarded based on high school grades, requiring no additional application. To be considered, students must apply to the Business Administration program. Recipients receive $2500 per year, totaling a possible $5000 over two years.

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The Peters School of Business offers certificate and diploma programs, advanced diplomas and degree programs. Whether you're attending college right out of high school, looking at post-graduate education to go along with your previous credentials, or returning to post-secondary in order to change career directions—we've got you covered with our program offerings.

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