Russ Edwards School of Agriculture & Environment

Russ Edwards School of Agriculture & Environment

The Russ Edwards School of Agriculture & Environment is a leader in hands-on education and training, using technology and innovation to effect change with greater effect and better outcomes, and recognizes the interconnectedness of agriculture and the environment.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to a strong Manitoba, the Edwards School is home to Manitoba’s leading programs in agriculture and environment, encompassing a field to fork philosophy and integrating the technology to keep up with the evolving industry.

Applied Research

Ƶ College has been offering agricultural, horticultural, and environmental programs for more than 25 years. The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment has an excellent reputation as both an agriculture and horticulture training provider, and as a premiere Manitoba applied research institution. Learn more about Ƶ's applied research and related initiatives through the link below.

Applied Research

Humble Beginnings

Russ Edwards

A farm boy from La Broquerie, Manitoba, Russ Edwards is a remarkable inspiration. Russ is the founder of WGI Westman Group, holdings of which include: Behlen Industries, Westman Steel, Meridian Manufacturing, Canada Culvert and more.

When Russ Edwards took his first step into the business of manufacturing steel products some 46 years ago, it was he and six employees. Today Edwards serves as Chairman of Westman Group Inc. (WGI) with its 2000 employees and 79 locations across North America.

The Russ Edwards School of Agriculture and Environment is the legacy that my wife and myself, my family, wish to leave to western Canada. We believe that with the proper education our young farmers, ladies, men, children will receive in this school will be tremendously important going forward. Brandon is an agricultural center of the West and this school is right in the heart of Canada.

Edwards is proof that hard work, quality workmanship and an enduring trust and respect for employees is the path to longevity and prosperity in the corporate world.


For more than 45 years, Ƶ has offered agriculture and environment programming. We have programs for every career level. Whether you’re attending college right after high school, looking to build new skills for your current job, or wanting to return to post-secondary in order to change directions, we have plenty to choose from.

Russ Edwards - Education from the ground up

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